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3 Proven Singing Techniques To Help You Sing With A Better Voice

The first singing technique you can always use when singing high notes is to always think low. As you sing higher jut imagine that your going lower. I know you may be thinking that is isn't a real technique. But trust me, go ahead and sing a scale, any scale. And try thinking low and below as you get higher.

This next singing technique you should always remember to do is to breathe. Always take in good breaths before each singing phrase.

Here's an exercise to improve your breath management.

1) take a deep breath on a count of 4 2) hold that breath for 4 seconds 3) exhale for 4 seconds 4) then stop for 4 seconds 5) then repeat 4 times

This is an easy technique that can follow on a daily basis. In fact, the more you practice your breathing the better your voice will be.

The last proven singing technique is a very easy thing to do called "the apple ah". How this works is by moving your mouth around when singing different vowels. Here's an exercise that works very well.

1) Sing Ah-but instead of just singing ahh. Try opening your mouth the same way you would bite an apple. If you notice, you'll realize you end up showing your front teeth. Thats the "apple ahh". Sing like this and your singing will get better very soon.

These are just a few proven singing techniques to help you sing better. There are almost thousands more.