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A Detailed Evaluation of the Beachbody Business Opportunity!

Who is Beachbody?

Beachbody is a United States leading infomercial fitness company that is making a major impact in the health and fitness industry. They produce and distribute the worlds leading home workout DVD fitness programs. They also provide the customers an online social network where they can create online workout buddies to do workouts with, forums for questions and answers, and a community of like minded people trying to help each other reach their fitness goals through coaching.

You are provided detailed personal meal plan programs and with one click of a button the system will print a grocery list to go shopping with of all the things you will need to feed your body on it's transformation.

They also have a Million Dollar Body Game for those wanting to show their body transformations over time. Customers upload before pictures and chart their progress and then upload their body changing after photos. They give $1,000 away each week to 8 different winners. Most importantly is that the customer is assigned a personal coach to help the person.

The Business Opportunity

Unlike any home business opportunity before, Beachbody spends about 90 million dollars a year advertising their expert training programs all done on national television, nationwide magazines and national radio spots. The company collects about 15,000 customers a week from these ad campaigns. These customers will either buy a product, join the paid health club, become a coach to earn money or do all three. Once this happens that customer is now given to one of the existing Beachbody business owners for FREE. That's right the company advertises and gives the field the customers for free. This is HUGE!

They have upgrades to almost every program and nutritional supplements that are sold on a monthly basis, give you long term residual income by becoming a coach and building a business.

What To Expect?

The great thing about this company and product unlike any other is that it gives you instant results. Unlike juices or pills and potions. You will feel every second of this product. You'll know that it is working because you won't be able to  breath :) This company has it all. The best products that get results, the support system of a team of people helping each other, the meal planning, tracking, marketing system, all at a ridiculously low price to get started. In my opinion if you thoroughly investigate this business opportunity, you will join it because there is nothing but positive outcomes for starting. I mean the worst thing that could happen is that you get physically fit and live a better quality of life. Lets face it, no pill or potion can replace working out and teaching you how to cook healthy and make healthy choices. This is the real way to weight loss, optimal health and financial freedom.

Bring It! (You'll hear that a lot in the community!)