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How UGG Boots Are Manufactured

The one thing that makes a UGG boot unique is the material it's made from. A genuine UGG boot is made from Australian double faced Sheep skin. It's even better if it's made from Merino sheep skin. This material helps keep your feet warm in winter and cool in summer.

This sheep skin is first preserved in salt before being processed further. The processing step involves tanning i.e. processing of the hide, which takes about 10 days to complete. Processing is done in large containers known as Paddles. After rinsing the skins in cold water to remove any dirt or excess salt from it, they are fleshed to remove muscle tissue and fat. The skins are treated with surfactants to get rid of grease and dirt from the wool. This is known as scouring, after which they are pickled in a solution of acid and salt to lower the pH so that the skins are penetrated by the tanning agent. This is prior to the important step of tanning which prevents putrefaction of the skin. It is done usually using chromium salts as the tanning agent and stabilizes the structure of the skin by forming cross links with collagen. The skin is then cut into panels and used for manufacture of UGG boots. After this the wool is dyed and dried using forced air driers at a temperature of 50-80°C. Dyeing is done to create a variety of vibrant colors that attract buyers.

You can choose from a range of shades that suits you than the dull neutral color of the sheep skin, thanks to dyeing. The next step is to dry clean the dried skins in per chloro ethylene or white spirit. This helps to remove the grease and fat present in the sheep skin. This processed skin is now ready for further finishing which gives the material required for the manufacture of fine UGG boots. The processed skins are conditioned to about 20 % of their moisture content and combed to remove tangles present in it. They are then ironed to straighten them and clipped into required pieces which are usually in the range of 12-15 mm length.

In the final step of manufacturing, a clicking press is used to cut panels which are sewn together. Sewing of panels is done using industrial large scale sewing machines. Then the soles are glued onto the boots. And that's it; the UGG boots are ready... for your use... Be it with casual wear or for a trendy look, UGG boots will do the job.