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I Got Myself Sweet Talked Into Trouble

We girls can certainly get sweet talked at times into a lot of things like trouble and that is exactly what happened to me. This is one memory that I will never, ever forget. Online relationships can open up geographical barriers for one and you can meet the people you would have never been able to meet, and along with that comes a lot of concerns and problems.

Let me tell you what happened to me and you will be able to guard yourself against something similar. I met this guy online and he seemed to be the one that any girl would want. He was decent, willing to spend time online with me and listen to my woes and was good looking too. One thing led to another and we got spending a huge amount of time online. I almost became a social recluse as all I would do was sit in front of the computer waiting for him to come online or ping me back.

Before I met him online shopping got me a real high. The high points of my life had been Christian Louboutin shoes that I would gaze at for hours on end or just about wait for the next season of unrolling of the latest shoe designs and patterns. Then I would go on and buy the same in the Christian Louboutin fake collection and wear them out the next time round. But, all of these simple pleasures that had made my life go round began to wane and all that I could do was think of our love for one another.

Now, we started discussing wedding plans and how many kids we would want and all of that. I was on top of the moon. Gosh, imagine this hunk wanting to spend the rest of his life with me. But, foolish of me, I got so taken in by the sweet talk that didn't bother to scratch the surface and discover the truth. Well, I was smitten and in love and who could possibly get some sense in through me.

Cupid had done his work well and skillfully and my universe had a sun called this new love. My world revolved around him and our online time together.

Then, he asked me one day, about wanting some money real urgent as he was in some kind of a financial tightness because he was expecting the money from somewhere and it hadn't arrived. Would I be able to loan it to him for a week. He kept on stressing it was a loan and how very embarrassed he was to be asking me. Okay, you can understand what I did; I dug into my online wallet and transferred the money to him.

But, as soon as the money changed hands he just disappeared. Yes, this did leave a bad taste in my mouth but I wonder if he had got ahead and asked for more money, the smitten me would have given that too.