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Serving Others Via Personal Branding

People don't want to join a business, they want to find and follow a leader. They want to be their own boss and learn from someone who can really lead them to success. How do you begin to grow your business? By helping to solve other people's problems. In other words, you give them what they want.

In general terms, what is it people desire? Let's boil this down to basics. First, in today's world of skepticism (rightly so thanks to all of the scams and con-artists trying to sell people to spend their money with them), people will not and should not, move forward unless they find someone they like, know and trust. We cannot tell anyone to trust us. Anyone who's been burned even just once has learned that trust must be earned. (Great, now I'm a poet!). This is as it should be. Having an initial level of trust on which to nurture and build any relationship is a key to that relationship being fruitful.

What is the second thing people want? They want to find someone they view as a leader, a top earner, and who really knows the subject at hand. Of course it only helps if that person is energetic, excited, passionate and sincere. These become contagious. If we can spread these characteristics and help others catch the "bug", it will make the world a better place and help us to be more successful.

One of the simplest and most direct ways to prove to people who are serious that we are sincere and trustworthy is to serve them. What do I mean by this? I mean do NOT try to sell them, do NOT chase them, do NOT hassle them. I mean to help them. The best way to do this is to only try to get them truthful and educational information that will directly lead them to making the best decision for them. (If someone is not serious, we certainly don't want to waste our time, so having a built-in part of your system to success to weed these folks out will benefit you immensely). This might mean they join you, or it might mean they move on. Remember, you are trying to help them figure out what is best for them, that's it. No matter what, always be forthright, honest and ethical in your business practices.

We all know that no one thing, no single business, is the answer for everyone. We are all different, very different in fact. A direct attribute to success, for us and for those we are trying to attract, is to truly be able to connect with them in a forthright, honest and helpful fashion. Often, we attract people similar to ourselves, something that is helpful to remember.

It is important to tell your own story in a positive light. Always be honest. Never claim you are making an amount if you aren't. It is okay to project. Talk about your dreams, the things you like to do. Share your passions. Visualize your success, where you want to be. When people do reach out to you, talk to them like you have known each other for a long time and want to find out what is going on in their life, what they dream about, whether or not they're happy with where they are.

Be sincere and be real. Be you. Work on self-improvement daily. This will result in a better, new and improved you. This in itself will attract people. Imagine the positive image this will give your personal branding efforts.

Good luck and remember to develop and nurture your Millionaire Mindset and to always keep your "WHY" in mind and in sight!