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The History of Citizen, a Leading Precision Watch Designer

Citizen is one of the most popular brands of watch today, offering fashionable design, functionality, precision and various innovative technologies to create stunning products. They are the one of the world's largest watch makers and are amongst the best-selling globally.

Citizen's roots can be traced back in 1918 in Shokosha Institute, Japan. They were originally known as Shokosha Watch Research Institute before changing their name to "Citizen" as they wanted a name that will appeal to the people and will be something that the people can relate too. Thus in 1924, they officially changed their name to the Citizen Watch Company.

The first watches created during the 15th and 16th century were big and bulky and the size is somewhere between a clock and a watch. They were attached to clothing or even worn as a necklace. The precision and accuracy of watches during those times were poor, with watches not used mainly to tell the time, but as an ornament or jewelry worn by the nobility. It was only in 1924 when Citizen Watch Company used a new form of technology to make thinner and smaller watches that they were able to launch their first-ever pocket watch. This breakthrough started the success of Citizen.

With the aim of providing more advanced products that could improve the quality of life of the citizens, the Citizen research team started to conduct more studies to create better watches. They knew that being able to wear a watch instead of being hidden in a pocket was a much more practical solution for people. And so, in 1931, they created their first wrist watch called "Caliber F".

With the numerous innovative products that they launched, and having been accepted globally, they needed to keep up with the growing demands of their clients and so in 1940, a factory in Tanashi, Japan was built.

Citizen always wants to stay ahead of its competitors and they were not afraid to try out new things. This led them to develop groundbreaking products, which marked Citizen as a pioneering company when it comes to the latest technology in the watch industry. Some of their pioneering products include:

Parashock- released in 1956 which is the first shock-resistant wristwatch which greatly improved the quality and durability of the watch

In 1959, they manufactured their first water-resistant watch

They released Stilettoin 2003; a thin, sleek and light powered watch

Even after more than 90 years of existence, Citizen still strives to give the best and most innovative products. This is evident by the new technology they continue to produce in the watch industry. For example, the use of quartz crystal to produce a more accurate and precise time, their Eco-Drive technology (which is the first ever eco-friendly solar-powered watch), and their "ProMaster" line which is the leading sports watch in the world.

Indeed, Citizen watches have made a mark in history as a watch company that provides not only brilliantly designed time pieces, but also stylish, functional, eco-friendly and the most advance watch available in the market today.